Healthcare Communications

As the largest provider of nurse call systems in New England, serving 120 hospitals and even more long-term care facilities from Maine to Rhode Island, SIGNET engineers the solutions necessary to reduce noise pollution, improve patient safety and employee satisfaction, and shorten staff response time.
Our products and system solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each healthcare facility with cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and service programs so vital to our healthcare industry clients.

Nurse Call
Swift, personalized response is a must when it comes to patients’ needs. As a Rauland partner for more than 20 years, SIGNET offers the most technologically advanced and dependable equipment available, including the Responder® 5, an integrated platform that combines traditional nurse call functions with a variety of additional workflow and communications tools to allow rapid response to patients from anywhere within the facility. Via our Clinical Application Specialist’s (C.A.S.) expertise, SIGNET delivers nurse call system training for each Rauland Healthcare Communications solution we integrate.

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring
Improving hand hygiene compliance is the most effective measure to reducing the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) to both patients and healthcare staff. Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology is now being used as an innovative, automatic, and more efficient monitoring tool to help drive true improvement in hand hygiene compliance.

Hospital TVs
Today’s patients demand an interactive viewing experience. LG and PDI provide several TV options: IPTV, and Digital TV with built-in DVD player to inform, educate, and entertain patients during their hospital stay. SIGNET provides a single source offering that brings hospital TVs and nurse call together.

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
Used to provide immediate or real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff and patients, RTLS has become an invaluable system for hospitals and long-term care facilities. SIGNET’s ability to integrate RTLS with other healthcare IT solutions and provide overall support/service enables facilities to improve workflow, reduce costs and increase clinical quality.

Staff Duress
From portable staff badges and personal protection/location options to comprehensive instant notification technology, SIGNET delivers staff duress solutions.

System Integration/Software
SIGNET engineers design system integration approaches that utilize the latest technologies to help ensure caregivers have consistent access to vital information and knowledge in real-time.

Wireless GPS Clock Systems
SIGNET’s complete offering of GPS synchronized timekeeping solutions makes it easier for your staff members to do what they do best—provide around the clock care to patients. When every clock throughout your facility is synchronized, workflow, efficiency, documentation, and patient care improves.

Wireless Telephony
Doctors, caregivers, and technicians stay connected using SIGNET wireless phone solutions. Calls are routed from nurse call instantly to the appropriate caregiver through wireless phones that maintain patient confidentiality and promote a quieter environment. Additionally, mobile alerts and priority messaging are displayed and prioritized in order of criticality. Optional integrations with medical monitoring equipment make this platform an important life safety communications system. SIGNET has more experience deploying integrated wireless telephony than any other in New England.

As nurse call, integrated wireless phones, and associated software become more technologically advanced, our valued clients can rest assured that SIGNET has the in-house expertise needed to maintain, update, support, troubleshoot, and repair their individually tailored solutions. Leveraging our own factory trained, Reptrax/Vendormate credentialed personnel, SIGNET offers 24/7/365 on site emergency response and VPN remote system diagnostic services to ensure no down time, and facility peace of mind.

Services offered include:

  • Remote System Diagnostics
  • Software Maintenance Programs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Critical Component Stocking
  • Equipment Repair
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Ongoing User Training Refresh
  • Hospital Personnel Technical Training Courses/Certification

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