MT. PROSPECT, IL (November 17) – A new integration of Responder All Touch with a hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is now live at a Wisconsin hospital, sharing patient status between systems that include fall risk, DNR, and isolation.

Responder All Touch software is the first instance of Responder nurse call system integrating directly to a hospital patient’s electronic medical record.

The live install is an integration of All Touch and EPIC at the 35-bed hospital in Stoughton, Wisconsin. The hospital is an affiliate of Sisters of Saint Mary Health (SSM Health) in St. Louis. SSM Health ( is a not-for-profit health system serving patients in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

By integrating Responder All Touch with the EMR, patient status events are charted in EPIC and operationalized in real-time via Responder — lighting the corridor light outside the patient room and updating the Responder 5 whiteboards at the nursing stations. This sharing of information makes key values related to the patient immediately visible to attending staff without the need to reference medical records, saving time and avoiding miscommunication. By doing so, the information can be entered one time and shared immediately across systems, making the latest updates on patient status visible to all staff.

The Responder All Touch software suite encompasses direct integrations to support clinical workflows and communications, saving nursing time, keeping systems in sync, and reducing noise and alarm fatigue. The All Touch solutions suite includes additional integrations for EMR documentation, wireless workflows, smart beds, bed management, IPTV, and medical devices.

This integration builds on the interoperability solutions of Rauland Responder in delivering workflow and process solutions across the hospital for critical healthcare communications. Responder is installed in more than one million acute care beds in 40 countries, helping hospitals and staff improve workflow, drive patient satisfaction, and automate communications.

About Rauland Responder®

Rauland Responder critical communication solutions enhance overall communication and
workflow within a hospital – patient-to-staff, and staff-to-staff. Responder helps staff deliver the
best possible patient care, with fast, direct communication, flexible integration, intelligent call
routing and real-time reporting. Responder gathers data real-time for easier decision-making,
optimized workflow and enhanced patient care and satisfaction, with an enhanced open
architecture that integrates to a variety of phones, pagers and location systems. For more
information, visit , or follow Responder on Twitter.
Responder All Touch software is the first instance of a nurse call system integrating directly to a
hospital patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), allowing the systems to share information

About Stoughton Hospital

Stoughton Hospital is an acute care hospital, fully accredited by the Joint Commission on
Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, licensed by the state of Wisconsin and a member of
the Wisconsin Hospital Association and Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative. It is an independent
community hospital owned and operated by the Stoughton Hospital Association and an affiliate
of SSM Health in Wisconsin. SSM Health is a national leader in EHR integration and has been
named “Healthcare’s Most Wired” list for the fourth straight year by the American Hospital


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