Boston Medical Center Case Study

Integrating 20th century A/V Technology into a century-old conference room


Designing an A/V solution enabling the integration of the latest technology into a conference room with century-old, high-ceilinged architecture and resulting acoustic and audio challenges is no easy feat. But SIGNET did just that for Boston Medical Center.


SIGNET’s customized A/V approach included the installation of high-performance acoustic panels to improve room intelligibility, reduce reverberation and ear fatigue.

To address the quality of audio signal SIGNET designed system approaches that included:

  • Two smart steerable microphone arrays that suspended above the conference table, allowing our A/V programming experts to specifically zero in on placement of end users’ voices.
  • Microphone configurations that can be chosen depending on the number of occupants.
  • An audio-conferencing sound system for the space featuring two active steerable array ceiling array microphones to be configured and controlled via a table-top system touch-panel.
  • Four pendant white loudspeakers also were installed to be utilized for conference “far-end” audio reproduction in the room.

Additionally, these speakers, as well as microphones and touch-panel were connected to the audio system processor, amplifier, and dedicated point of entry network switch.
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