Wireless Connectivity

Rely on SIGNET’s wireless RF system approaches to meet your unique needs.

Point-to-Point Microwave

Reliable, high bandwidth connectivity is essential for businesses to function. We design and install a wide range of microwave systems to support high bandwidth LAN and WAN formats. Using a judicious choice of network topology, vendor radios, frequencies and antenna sizes, we find the right balance to meet each client’s requirements while minimizing cost.

Network reliability is of crucial importance. SIGNET’s wireless links are designed at 99.999 reliability. Our systems provide both primary and backup communication as required. The wellprepared IT Manager can also extend LAN/WAN applications involving voice and data over the same high-speed channel. We can provide systems from 100 MB/sec up to 20 gigabit of throughput.


There are applications when a point-to-point communication
solution is not sufficient. SIGNET can design and deploy a pointmulti-point solution where several of your remote sites can be
connected back to a central location reducing overall cost and
Offering expertise in the following point-to-multi-point applications:

  • Municipal wireless networks bandwidth upgrade
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots bandwidth
  • Campus Internet access solutions
  • IP Video camera surveillance security
  • Wireless WAN/LAN outdoor networks
  • Last mile extension for wireless Internet service providers

Mesh Architecture

Using mesh technology to distribute Wi-Fi access is a great solution for customers with hard-to-wire facilities or where temporary access is needed. These systems enable rapid deployment and they are typically self-forming and self-healing once configured. If a device fails, traffic is re-routed around the disabled device.

Solutions are cost effective and available on both “light licensed” (for public safety) and unlicensed spectrum. A single mesh device can provide both mesh-to-mesh communications as well as mesh-to-client communications. As a result, mesh deployments are often hardware and cost efficient.

Mesh deployments are ideal for clients that need to distribute internet access in locations where easy-to-deploy wireless coverage is needed.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. SIGNET will provide a solution that meets your specific requirements for field of view, lighting conditions, environment and your budget. The products we recommend are all ONVIF compliant enabling us to provide you with a VMS platform from one vendor and cameras and equipment from another, dependent upon your needs.

All of our deployments include: system design, installation and training; support and maintenance service; wireless networking/ city surveillance; ONVIF compliant products; video management software; IP cameras; and network video recorders.

Path Consulting Services via Path Profile

If you have the ability to deploy systems independently, rely on our wireless network consulting services to help you understand and optimize your system’s performance prior to installation and deployment.

We offer wireless path analysis and product selection, frequency coordination and FCC licensing for licensed systems, fiber extension and testing, reliability studies, network and facility monitoring and network security design.

7 X 24 Service

Our highly trained and certified field technical staff possess both RF and networking diagnostic capability to provide expert 7 X 24 coverage for both emergency and routine maintenance. We offer on-site and remote monitoring and management service support for all our clients, including those not covered by a
maintenance agreement.

SIGNET’s LinkPatrol Network Monitoring accelerates the mean-time-to-react by enabling our technicians to have around-the-clock visibility into the status of your critical links.

Preventive Maintenance

Although manufacturers often claim Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) statistics well into several hundred thousands of hours, reliable and consistent microwave performance is enhanced by periodic calibration and checking of components for mechanical failure. Preventive maintenance services are especially critical for licensed microwave systems and are included in all SIGNET client maintenance contracts.


We hold many certifications including FCC General Radio Telephone Operator License (GROL), CCNA and specific vendor training for the many radios we install and maintain. All field staff have completed OSHA and fall protection training.

We are fully qualified as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including holding Security “S” licenses and certificates of clearance for all employees.

Let’s problem solve together

Audio Visual Technology

Comprehensive System Design & Integration
We provide site inspections, user needs analysis, CAD drawings, network consulting, and infrastructure design. Representing all major AV equipment manufacturers, our experts select the components for each system based on quality, functionality, and appropriateness to client needs.

AV Installation
Prior to any installation, our experts ensure that all rack-based systems are fully tested and functioning. Our installation process includes shop fabrication, infrastructure preparation, equipment installation, testing, and commissioning. Each installation is performed by technicians trained in the latest AV technologies.

Control System Programming
Focusing on ease-of-use, our programming services include user needs analysis, touch panel design, shop and field testing, and on-site commissioning.

User Training
Our approach includes training of your technical service staff and end-users.

Our service plans protect each client’s investment by providing them with the hardware/software support and training suited to their unique needs. We service almost any brand of audio, video, control, and video conferencing equipment, regardless of installation vendor.

All custom audio visual control systems assembled by SIGNET are programmed and tested in our 10,000 square foot testing laboratory, which also is used to demonstrate system operation and train our valued clients before the systems are released to the field.

Remote Monitoring

Fully staffed with subject matter experts who understand your technologies, SIGNET Remote Smart is our remote monitoring and managed services center located in Norwell, Massachusetts. Establishing best-in-class services and processes, Remote Smart continuously invests in industry-leading network management tools and automation to ensure quick and accurate resolution for detected anomalies. Remote monitoring enables us to see important details of your operations in real time, which helps prevent, rather than react to, issues long before they happen. Instead of minor issues building up to a business-disrupting problem, our proactive support ensures you won’t lose time and money to technology nightmares.

With our monitoring of your most complex systems, we’ll exceed your expectations and provide you the business results you need.

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How are we able to remotely detect problems with our clients’ servers?
Remote Response Services
Our Remote Response Services bundle is the perfect option for those seeking a reactive problem resolution approach. Remote Smart will provide remote support for your technology system components using a secure VPN tunnel, or a secure direct connection, which allows our engineers to gain access to your network and provide a high-level of diagnostic support. Having remote connectivity allows our support center to have the proper access to your network in the case of a network incident or outage. In most cases, incidents can be identified and resolved through remote diagnostics, reducing your overall downtime.

  • Incident Management
  • Specific Device Support

Remote troubleshooting for supporting technology infrastructure including:

  • Servers
  • Network devices
  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) tags
  • Point-to-point microwave links
  • Battery backup (e.g., for RTLS and UPS)
Proactive Monitoring Services
If you’re looking for a more holistic approach, our managed services bundle offers complete insight into your systems. This proactive approach provides you peace of mind knowing that Remote Smart is notified of potential incidents before problems arise. We work to continuously improve the health of your systems over time.

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Specific Device Support
  • Incident Management

Remote monitoring for supporting technology infrastructure including:

  • Network devices
  • Servers
  • RTLS tags
  • Point-to-point microwave links
  • Battery health (e.g., for RTLS and UPS)