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Rhode Island
Emergency Management

Enhances security, connectivity
and infrastructure systems

The Challenge

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (EMA) provides protection from and response to disasters and hazards across the state. Effective monitoring of sites state-wide is critical to their ability to perform this service. EMA was in need of an up-to-date, pro-actively managed security, wireless connectivity and critical infrastructure system to meet and support their complex needs.

The Solution

SIGNET designed and integrated a state-wide enterprise security and wireless network solution to support access control, video surveillance, and emergency communications. EMA’s critical surveillance assets, including warehouses, command vehicles and trailers, are connected back to the headquarters through video and alarm systems. A pro-active remote monitoring service through SIGNET’s Network Operations Center provides real-time technical management by subject matter experts, helping keep the network, and systems optimized, up-to-date and online.


  • Unified Enterprise solutions to securely monitor multiple sites, and provide system across state wide locations
  • Single source for all security and wireless connectivity needs
  • Local presence provides rapid response to onsite technical needs
  • Pro-active preventative maintenance and remote management and monitoring to help ensure system is optimized, up-to-date and available

The Benefits

Through a best-in-class security platform, EMA’s state-wide sites have been unified into a single solution, strengthening business continuity infrastructure and streamlining operational processes. In using SIGNET’s remote monitoring and management service, EMA has increased insight into the health of their enterprise system’s network and devices. Additionally, SIGNET’s pro-active system management has increased efficiency for EMA’s security team, reducing disruption and time spent on resolving system issues, improving up-time– and providing them with a single source for
technology management and escalation.


Wireless Connectivity

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