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The Role of Asset Tracking in
Optimizing Healthcare Operations

In modern day healthcare environments, maintaining oversight of critical assets such as medical devices, equipment, and supplies stands as a fundamental necessity. Enter Centrak’s asset tracking solution, that leverages cutting-edge RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) technology. CenTrak’s robust offering meets the needs of any healthcare facility. Whether its simple asset tracking with fully wireless deployment needed or a complex asset management and workflow automation, this innovative solution provides instant visibility into the whereabouts of your critical resources, revolutionizing daily workflows and yielding substantial cost efficiencies for healthcare establishments.


A Closer Look at Cost-Saving Benefits

Breaking down the specific cost-saving benefits of an asset tracking solution helps clearly articulate the significant financial and operational impact they provide healthcare facilities.


1. Reduces Equipment Loss, Misplacement, and Theft:

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare settings is the misplacement, loss, or theft of expensive medical equipment. Enhanced visibility and security provided by RTLS decreases the risk of asset loss or theft, minimizing the financial impact associated with replacing stolen or lost equipment. Some of these critical devices that enable optimal patient care include infusion pumps, wheelchairs, portable monitoring devices, ventilators, defibrillators, and other essential medical devices.


2. Improved Staff Productivity:

Clinical staff members spend an unnecessary amount of time tracking down medical equipment during their shift. RTLS streamlines workflows by allowing staff to locate equipment quickly and efficiently. This not only reduces staff frustration, but enhances staff productivity, enabling them to focus more on patient care activities.

3. Optimizes Equipment

By tracking equipment usage, healthcare facilities can optimize the use of their resources.
Identifying underutilized assets allows for effective reallocation of resources, resulting in reduced
unnecessary purchases and rentals.

4. Enables Proactive Maintenance:

Timely maintenance is crucial for medical equipment. CenTrak’s asset tracking solutions include
maintenance schedules and alerts, enabling proactive upkeep that minimizes equipment downtime
and extends lifespan, ultimately reducing repair and replacement costs.

At SIGNET, we’re proud to be an established Gold Level Partner of CenTrak. This ongoing partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients as we continue to focus on protecting all people and assets within healthcare facilities. Centrak is a leading innovator in healthcare technology and remains our trusted ally in achieving our mission of safeguarding our clients’ interests.

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