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Staff Safety Technology Checklist

At SIGNET we understand that staff safety in hospitals is essential not only to protect healthcare workers but also to ensure continuous and high-quality patient care, maintain a motivated workforce, and comply with safety standards. Our comprehensive suite of advanced, leading edge security solutions forms a safety net for patient care providers. From immediate alert systems and proactive threat detection to robust surveillance and stringent access control measures, these technologies work in harmony to create a secure environment. These critical solutions empower staff and ensure swift responses to emergencies, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care within a safe workplace.

Staff Duress Solutions

Fixed Duress Systems

Ensure rapid alerting in emergencies through strategically placed fixed duress buttons.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Provide precise location tracking, aiding in immediate response and support during critical situations.

Shooter Detection Systems

Swiftly identify and alert in case of active shooter incidents, initiating security protocols to protect staff.

Aggression Detection Technologies

Monitor and identify escalating situations, providing early alerts to prevent potential conflicts.

Comprehensive Video Surveillance

Enable continuous monitoring across hospital premises, enhancing security and incident investigation capabilities.

Access Control

Ensure restricted access to sensitive areas, managing permissions to enhance overall safety and security.

Each of these solutions contributes to creating a safer environment for hospital staff and healthcare workers, fostering a secure workplace conducive to delivering exceptional patient care while prioritizing the safety and well-being of everyone within the healthcare facility.