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Essential Security Measures for
Protecting Infants in Healthcare Facilities

Essential Security Measures for Protecting Infants in Healthcare Facilities

Access Control

✓ Install access control systems at all entry points to restrict unauthorized access.

✓ Implement secure identification methods such as ID badges or biometric systems for staff and authorized personnel.

✓ Leverage SIGNET for the deployment and maintenance of the industry leading access control system

Perimeter Security

✓ Establish secure boundaries around the healthcare facility to prevent unauthorized access.

✓ Install physical barriers like fences, gates, or barriers to control entry points.

✓ Deploy video surveillance cameras to monitor the perimeter for any suspicious activities or breaches.

Video Surveillance

✓ Deploy video surveillance cameras strategically throughout the healthcare facility, including entrances, hallways, and critical areas.

✓ Partner with SIGNET for advanced video surveillance solutions, including high-resolution cameras, intelligent analytics, and centralized monitoring systems.

✓ Ensure surveillance footage is stored securely and retained for an appropriate period.

Unit Security

✓ Restrict access to the nursery area with locked doors and controlled entry.

✓ Ensure all nursery staff are properly trained in security protocols and procedures.

✓ Implement a comprehensive visitor management process, including visitor registration and identification.

Infant Protection Systems

✓ Deploy an infant protection system, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) or GPS tracking devices, to monitor infants’ locations within the healthcare facility.

✓ Partner with SIGNET to integrate and manage the infant protection system effectively.

✓ Leverage the live map, alarm capabilities, escalation paths to track infants in real time

✓ Train staff in the proper use and maintenance of the protection system.

Staff Training

✓ Conduct regular security awareness training for all clinical staff, specifically focusing on infant protection and security protocols.

✓ Train staff in how to respond to security incidents, including emergency lockdown procedures and the proper use of panic buttons.

✓ Collaborate with SIGNET to provide customized training programs tailored to the healthcare facility’s security needs.

Emergency Response Plan

✓ Develop and regularly review an emergency response plan that includes procedures for infant security incidents.

✓ Coordinate with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure a coordinated response.

✓ Engage SIGNET in the planning and implementation of an effective emergency response system, including panic buttons, duress alarms, and intercom systems.

Ongoing Security Assessments

✓ Conduct regular security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

✓ Collaborate with SIGNET to perform comprehensive security audits, including physical security assessments.

✓ Continuously update and enhance security measures based on the findings of the assessments.

Incident Reporting and Review

✓ Establish a protocol for reporting and reviewing security incidents related to infant safety.

✓ Implement a system for documenting incidents, conducting investigations, and identifying corrective actions.

✓ Maintain open communication with SIGNET to leverage their expertise in incident review and analysis

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