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Fostering Clinical Communication
and Collaboration

Connecting the Right Care Provider at the Right Time with the Right Information.

SIGNET specializes in the design, installation, and optimization of clinical communication solutions tailored to meet the needs of our enterprise healthcare clients. By leveraging our expertise and diverse array of impactful solutions, healthcare teams can achieve enhanced clinical collaboration and communication, resulting in increased staff satisfaction, streamlined workflows, and overall improved patient care levels.

Secure and integrated communication is foundational to high performing health systems and modern care delivery. SIGNET has partnered with Mobile Heartbeat, a trusted provider of clinical communication and collaboration solutions that securely engage colleagues across every department. Our strategic partnership with Mobile Heartbeat enhances our client support capabilities offering a unified application that facilitates an efficient and protected connection for sharing patient information


Secure messaging

Reliable, secure, and functional VoIP calling, texting, paging, and broadcasts ensuring rapid communication.


Voice calling

Seamless one-tap calling from the EHR or standalone dialer facilitating immediate communication between care team members.

Clinical Alerting

Delivers real-time clinical alerts and notifications to care team members.

Nurse Call Integration

Alerts and notifications are seamlessly routed to care team members’ mobile devices, aligning with their existing customizations and workflows.


EHR integrations

Seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration enabling bidirectional sharing of patient information.

Audit trails

Offers audit trails and communication activity logs to support compliance regulations.


Driving operational efficiencies

Alleviating staff

Increasing patient safety across all service lines

Enhancing patient

Noise Reduction

Increased staff

Creating Trusted Partnerships

Creating Trusted Partnerships SIGNET serves as a trusted partner to our clients, identifying their unique challenges and objectives, recommending tailored solutions, and designing innovative strategies that drive success. We facilitate and drive collaborative sessions with your clinical leadership team and our solution partners. Through active listening and comprehensive analysis, we gather insights into your existing systems, workflows, infrastructure, and identify areas for improvement. Our proactive approach and commitment to excellence empowers clients to achieve their business objectives and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Maximize your care team’s communication workflows and minimize unnecessary hustle and bustle, allowing them to dedicate more time to delivering exceptional patient care.


Solution Partner