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Empowering Hospitals, Easing Alarms

Utilize this checklist highlighting SIGNET’s solutions to address alarm fatigue

Alarm fatigue occurs when healthcare providers are exposed to a high volume of alarms, many of which are false or non-actionable, leading to a decreased sensitivity and responsiveness to alarms and notifications. Providers may become overwhelmed, ignore alarms, or even turn them off altogether, which can result in missed or delayed responses to critical patient events. SIGNET offers a variety of solutions that help streamline workflows to enhance efficiency and reduce alarm fatigue.

Mobile Devices & Applications

SIGNET’s variety of mobile device solutions and applications ensure that the right care provider is getting the right message at the right time. They play a valuable role in reducing alarm fatigue by providing healthcare staff flexible monitoring solutions, customizable alarm settings, role-based notifications, clinical decision support, and remote alarm acknowledgment capabilities.

Virtual Care Solutions

SIGNET’s leading edge virtual care solutions help reduce alarm fatigue by enabling remote patient monitoring, smart alarm management, real-time data visualization, two-way communication, clinical decision support, and patient self management.

Clinical Communication Systems

Our innovative clinical communication solutions provide a centralized platform for managing and prioritizing alarms, streamlining communication among healthcare teams, and facilitating rapid response to patient needs.

SIGNET’s Clinical Edge Program

Our team of Clinical Informatics Specialists work with hospital leadership to analyze existing workflows, identify areas for improvements, and implement optimized strategies and efficiencies. We assist with alarm fatigue by fostering alarm management practices, improving patient safety, and creating a more effective care environment for both patients and healthcare providers.