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Integrate real-time location tracking to improve clinical efficiencies and patient safety

The Challenge

Beverly Hospital provides extensive inpatient and outpatient services, serving as a medical center, acute care facility and Level III Trauma Center for Essex County, Massachusetts. With patient safety and satisfaction top of mind, clinical leadership required a technology partner to consult and provide a solution focused on improving clinical workflow efficiencies, response times, and communication levels.

Clinical Communication System

Data Analytics Platform

Professional Services

The Solution

In 2015, SIGNET provided project management, engineering, and clinical expertise throughout the implementation of an industry leading clinical communications system. The system consists of both customized hardware and a software application that ensures optimal communication between patients and Beverly’s clinical staff.

In more recent years, SIGNET enhanced the existing solutions by integrating a real time location system to help increase operational efficiency and staff responsiveness. During the first phase, the system was programmed to integrate with the clinical communication solution, capturing staff member credentials as they enter a patient room and automatically disengaging alarms. As part of the second phase, SIGNET integrated a button on clinical badges that can be utilized to call for immediate staff assistance with patients, reducing the time it takes to request help in critical situations.


  • Access to industry leading Rauland® technology through SIGNET’s certified, exclusive partnership
  • Expertise in integrating multiple clinical technology systems to create a layered unified solution
  • Workflow consultation services provided by our Clinical Informatics team
  • Local presence provides rapid, reliable response to onsite technical needs

The Benefits

Beverly’s clinical communication system provides opportunities for workflow standardization and insight into daily operations through various reports that provide actionable data to track initiatives. The integration of real-time location system with badges allows for automated staff response to patient calls, insight into staff locations, and a streamlined clinical workflow. The additional layer incorporating a staff assist button on all clinical badges increases unit awareness and response times to urgent staff calls, therefore improving patient safety. SIGNET’s clinical team and Beverly’s hospital leadership continue to review future scalability opportunities of the solution to introduce new layers of workflow.

Founded in 1974, SIGNET is a Massachusetts-based, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified solutions provider that helps enterprise clients manage their critical technology environments successfully. For over four decades, clients have partnered with SIGNET to address the full spectrum of their systems and infrastructures – from design and engineering to installation and ongoing management.