Tracking metrics to help improve staff efficiencies, patient care

Faced with an aging ‘nurse call’ system that lacked the ability to gather and track data to drive initiatives, Blanchard Valley Hospital in northwestern Ohio selected Responder 5 as the best solution to help it gain visibility on staff performance, enhance the patient experience and improve operations.

A rural, 150-bed acute care hospital in Ohio, Blanchard Valley wanted better visibility on care delivery to further enhance the patient experience, and to improve connectivity with support departments to drive better response and communication.

“Our old ‘call bell’ system was totally staff- focused,” said Natalie Phoenix, former Director of Inpatient Nursing and now Director of Emergency Services at Blanchard Valley, “andbecauseitwasnotpatient focused, we couldn’t effectively drive our goals of improved response times, regular rounding and better patient satisfaction. We simply had no data that we could analyze relative to our patient care and how it was being delivered.”

Using Data to Drive Initiatives