SIGNET is excited to announce that it has made the Systems Contractor News’Top 50 Systems Integrator list.

For more than a decade, SCN has been assembling a list of the industry’s Top 50 companies each year. This list gives professionals a better understanding of what systems integrators do, where they’re seeing growth, and how the industry is evolving. The industry as a whole has grown tremendously, with a projected $4.27 billion in commercial A/V installation revenue this year – that’s a jump of about 12 percent from last year’s projections of $3.82 billion.

SIGNET Electronic Systems has come just shy of making the list for the past three years; this year, the company made the cut at number 50. With a nearly 10% projected revenue increase from last year, the company is growing quickly and prides itself in being a leader in communications, security, life safety, audiovisual, healthcare, and transportation technology. It’s an incredible honor to be considered one of the Top 50 Systems Integrators in the industry and SIGNET looks forward to the growth that is ahead!

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