New Staffing Model and Responder® 5 Technology

Launch Move to New Patient Tower at North Carolina Hospital Case Study EFFICIENT

“Our intent is to treat our patients exactly as we would treat our own family,” said Tara Anderson, Director of Medical, Surgical and Orthopedics units at Carteret Health Care in North Carolina.

That was the hospital’s goal as it prepared for a move into a new patient tower in 2015. Concurrent with that move, nursing leadership set benchmarks for a new staff model and prepared for the use of advanced technologies to improve staff efficiencies and coverage. Most importantly, these solutions helped drive improvement in patient satisfaction.

A year into use of the new tower and related staff processes, Carteret Health Care has reaped the benefits of this managed change, with Responder® 5 driving improvements in the direction the hospital desired – to elevate satisfaction between departments, among staff, and with their patients.

“Responder® has helped us to dramatically improve our patient satisfaction while giving nursing a bigger voice in delivering that improved care,” Anderson states.

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