Nurse Call Solution for Spaulding Rehab


Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital is a brand new 150 bed specialty adult rehabilitation facility and an affi liate of Partners® Healthcare. Built in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, the new hospital provides 260,000 sq. ft. at a construction cost of $165 million.

Leading the nurse call selection process, Spaulding’s CIO sought out a platform that was a true “integrator.” The vision was to integrate Cisco wireless VoIP handsets, Globestar middleware, Meditech HL-7 medical information, hospital feature beds, and medical nurse call reporting software. A non-blocking/open system architecture was of paramount importance. The hospital desired a local systems integrator that completed this specialized work in other area hospitals. The Spaulding Rehab committee traveled to another Partners’® affi liate (Faulkner Hospital) to experience a similar facility-wide implementation.



SIGNET provided the Rauland Responder 5 VoIP Nurse Call platform, along with full system integration software suites and services. The solution is a large facility-wide integrated network of 150 patient rooms, including SIGNET installed, LG brand 32” LED hospital grade televisions. The all private rooms facility provided feature bed interface, medical equipment alarming, digital television integration, along with a patient station, code/staff assist, and workfl ow enabled pillow speakers with three “direct” call buttons for pain, water and restroom. A 4-button bed management station was installed near each doorway, which initiates call processing cycles for pain re-assessment, “staff assist” and staff presence indicators signaling assigned Cisco wireless handsets.

SIGNET integrated Spaulding’s Meditech HL7/ADT medical information data feed into a large array of Rauland software suites, which reside on the Partners® Healthcare local area computer network. They off er staff assignment/integration to Cisco wireless handsets, nurse call reports manager, and a PC console suite to integrate and display functions onto existing nurse station PC desktop displays, and “computers on wheels” carts. Approximately 100 Samsung/LG brand digital signage fl at panel displays were provided and installed by SIGNET’s A/V group.

SIGNET also provided the facility’s life safety EST3 Fire Alarm System with Voice Evacuation capability. The system directly controls all building systems including dampers, fans, elevators and other ancillary systems. This highly complex life safety system was fully engineered by SIGNET’s engineering group.

The new Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital construction project leveraged SIGNET’s “Power of One,” bringing multiple disciplines and systems together for a more powerful and “integrated” end result.


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April 23, 2020

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