Improving quality of care and patient safety is at the heart of advanced data analytics. As the healthcare industry transitions from fee-for-service to value-based payment models, its ability to generate revenue depends upon its capacity to process and understand critical clinical data. The goal of these value-based programs is to not only improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, but to improve safety and positively impact the overall patient experience.

But how can you and your healthcare team even begin to track and benefit from these analytical insights when you have competing demands from your day job?

Rely on SIGNET’s data analytics solution to deliver the actionable intelligence you need.

Our advanced reporting and analytics-as-a-service solution delivers data needed to reduce risk and improve the caregiver and patient experience.


  • Design and Build – We will work with you to develop an analytics approach based upon your unique needs. Typically, this involves understanding your key initiatives (e.g., staff performance and response time), partnering with key individuals to correlate data from identified healthcare technologies (e.g., nurse call, RTLS) and HCAHPS, and developing a customized online portal of dashboards and reports as well as emailed reports.
  • Implement – We don’t just develop a solution and expect you to figure it out on your own. We host live (virtual) training sessions and provide customized user guides for reference.
  • Operate/Maintain – As your technology partner, we provide ongoing customer and technical support and continually monitor data relating to current initiatives, analyzing it to identify and support new initiatives.

We’ve worked with our clients’ Alarm Fatigue and Fall Prevention Committees as well as Clinical Engineering and Care teams to address their priority concerns which have included:

Alarm Fatigue:

  • Reduce distraction
  • Eliminate unnecessary notifications
  • Minimize false alarms

Staff Performance:

  • Measure and track response time
  • Measure tech utilization
  • Track rounding compliance

Quiet at Night:

  • Reduce volume
  • Identify needed targeted notifications

Fall Prevention:

  • Identify high-risk patients
  • Modify room assignment
  • Ensure proactive rounding
  • Facilitate team huddles

Response time:

  • Identify targeted notifications
  • Modify escalation pathway


  • Correlate multiple data sources
  • Identify improvement opportunities

Additional data sources can be integrated and provide a broader view into alarm activity:

  • Patient monitoring alarms
  • Nurse call alarms
  • Voice integration
  • RTLS
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient satisfaction scores

Our clients have utilized our solution’s actionable data to:

  • Manage staffing
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Correlate with patient satisfaction scores
  • Address alarm fatigue
  • Evaluate staff performance

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