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To Whom It May Concern:

After 15 years of being in business, our practice recently underwent the biggest change in our history. We selected a new practice location and built out a brand-new space. As the Business Manager, my primary concern amongst all the details to coordinate was ensuring that our operations remained intact through the transition- this meant our phone system MUST work on opening day.

In order to support our growth, I made an early decision to upgrade our phone system and re-think our practice’s phone programming in the new location. I am the farthest person from an expert in the area of available phone technology and options and am exceedingly thankful to have been put in contact with Donald O’Connell with SIGNET. Don held my hand through the entire process. He had to teach me the lingo, help me understand options, guide me through the decision-making for what made the most sense relative to our small but growing business and he didn’t just have this conversation with me once. I relied on Don heavily for my phone system education and he was always helpful and patient no matter how many meetings I needed or questions I asked of him.

I also did my due-diligence and shopped around. In the end, not only was Don’s service as a phone consultant above and beyond, he also gave me the most competitive rates for the quality of our system and options. I am confident that we did not purchase more system than we needed.

Our new phone system success story does not end with Don! Once I had selected the right system, my next challenge was programming. SIGNET assigned Patrick Driscoll to our account and he spent multiple days with me, one on one, leading up to our opening to make sure I fully understood our options and ensuring that we got exactly what we needed out of our programming. Patrick was also extremely patient and helpful and made zero assumptions about our needs. We talked it all out, trial tested as much as we needed to ensure smooth phone flow, and then he personally came on site consecutive days after our opening to ensure everything was running smoothly and answer questions. Patrick was awesome to work with and I am thankful that I had his assistance.

Our opening was a complete success. There have been no hiccups with our phone system and everything worked extremely well from day one. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and there is a lot I would change with regards to our move, but I wouldn’t change a thing with regards to the selection of our NEC phone system and having the chance to work with Don and Patrick.

Thank you very much.

Lisa Fiyod
Business Manager, Men’s Health Boston
617-277-5000 x118

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