Life Safety

SIGNET’s fire detection and alarm capabilities set us apart as the industry leader. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver high-quality fire alarm and mass notification systems in a wide range of buildings, applications, and markets.

Using the strength and quality of the highly respected Edwards System Technology (EST) brand, we provide advanced solutions for customers throughout New England. Plus, we complement our products with tools and resources to support contractors, engineers, building owners, and local fire officials in the design, installation, service, and oversight of fire alarm and mass notification systems.

SIGNET’s Engineering Department is continually trained on the latest innovations in the life safety industry. Every engineer, technician, and sales associate is NICET certified ensuring a high level of expertise when it comes to design, implementation, and testing of your critical systems.

SIGNET’s Central Station Monitoring Service provides 24/7/365 electronic surveillance for thousands of customers across New England, and specializes exclusively on serving commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. This ensures the highest level of coverage for our customers, avoiding service problems associated with mass-volume “residential service” providers.

Fire Detection and Prevention
SIGNET fire detection systems are designed to provide the maximum in performance and value for any size building. Our solutions utilize technology to protect the lives and livelihoods of our valued clients, their personnel and property. From educational institutions to office buildings to the world’s finest hotels and museums, SIGNET’s technology consistently delivers.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
With no smell, taste or color, dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide can accumulate in boilers, engines, water heaters, oil burners and solid fuel appliances as a result of poor installation, substandard maintenance or damage. Hazardous levels of the toxic gas are also evident in construction projects where extra duty insulation and double glazing are incorporated. SIGNET CO detection systems are designed to ensure the safety of all who work or live in the buildings we service.

Mass Notification
At SIGNET, our mass notification solutions are designed around one simple objective— evacuating a building swiftly in the event of an emergency. Our proven voice evacuation systems ensure that occupants receive clear, concise instructions when imminent danger strikes.

As a leading service provider in the life safety industry, SIGNET is distinguished by our scope, reach, and experience.  We can help you keep your facilities in compliance with applicable codes. Our scheduled testing, inspection and maintenance services can help ensure the performance and reliability of your life safety and property protection systems, including those from other major manufacturers. And, wherever you are, we offer around-the-clock emergency coverage, along with an extensive inventory of replacement parts.

Our technicians bring to your facilities exceptional training in the completion of all phases of Inspection, Testing and Maintenance. They also bring an all-important, up-to-date understanding of the local and national codes that apply to your systems. Their goal is to keep your equipment at peak performance, your facilities code compliant.

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