Integrated Security Remote Monitoring and Managed Services

With more than 45 years of security system technology experience, SIGNET is your trusted service provider. Our Remote Smart team will review your needs, concerns and challenges and develop a remote monitoring and/or managed services approach tailored for your needs. We show you how the latest technology can optimize your security technology, ensure uptime and identify any hardware or software concerns.

Remote Appliance Monitoring Services
Providing a health check, our experts assess all vital hardware operations of your appliances (including security cameras and recording devices) and address any loss of network connections to either devices or physical server hardware.

  • Monitor notifications on system issues and provide remote technical support.
  • Provide incident video recovery service, where we retrieve video, download and store remotely for critical events.
  • Alert customers of any issues via email and provide corrective measures.

Managed Services
We manage a set of users, providing user programming, permissions, camera labels, notification management and recording retention. Additional specifics include:

  • Apply maintenance software patches, firmware update, and general maintenance of system.
  • Scan system hardware and software applications for performance improvements and resolve any potential issues.

Pro Services

  • Assist with initial setup and programming systems, custom configurations and notifications.
  • Assist with programming and setup of integrations and communication devices.

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