Healthcare Communications Remote Monitoring and Managed Services

Today’s healthcare communications systems are IP-based with session initiation protocol (SIP) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for audio communications. All of this communication relies on sophisticated technology – computer hard drives, networks, servers, and programs – that can fail without rhyme or reason. SIGNET’s Remote Smart team provides both monitoring and as-needed troubleshooting to our clients – often proactively addressing technology issues prior to their development into a larger problem.

Monitoring Services

  • Application and System Monitoring: monitor all critical systems (e.g. nurse call) to achieve optimal performance of the applications, server and network infrastructure. Also monitor associated hardware to prevent loss of network connections to devices and prevent interruptions to essential clinical workflow.
  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) Monitoring: monitor devices (e.g. nurse badges), network connections, batteries and/or critical alerts
  • Alert customers of any issues via email and provide corrective measures

Managed Services

  • Apply maintenance software patches, firmware update, and general maintenance of healthcare communications technology system
  • Scan healthcare communications technology system hardware and software applications for performance improvements and resolve any potential issues

Pro Services

  • Assist with initial setup and programming of healthcare communications technology (e.g., nurse call systems, RTLS), custom configurations and notifications
  • Assist with system programming and setup of integrations and communication devices

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