Healthcare Communications Remote System Service

Today’s healthcare communications systems are IP-based with session initiation protocol (SIP) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for audio communications. All of this communication relies on sophisticated technology – networks, servers, and applications – that can fail without rhyme or reason. SIGNET’s Remote Smart team provides as-needed remote troubleshooting to our clients – often addressing technology issues prior to their development into a larger system failure.

Specifically, our Remote Smart experts:

  • Troubleshoot and/or repair Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call systems as well as communication system elements integrated into these systems (e.g., wireless phones, badges, real time location pendants, and pagers)
  • Monitor, Troubleshoot and/or repair Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), battery condition in tags, field devices and sensory infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot and/or repair user and technical issues with nurse call software, staff assignment, patient census and caregiver notifications/messaging to integrated wireless phones/devices
  • Troubleshoot on-line status of healthcare communication system equipment elements
  • Execute system workflow programming changes and system alterations
  • Change room names, system escalations/timers and nurse call corridor light behavior
  • Identify off-line or defective system hardware

Working with Remote Smart as your partner, you receive the following benefits with our:

Remote Response Services Bundle

Our Remote Response Services bundle is the perfect option for those seeking a reactive problem resolution approach. Remote Smart will provide remote support for your technology system components using a secure VPN tunnel, or a secure direct connection, which allows our engineers to gain access to your network and provide a high-level of diagnostic support. Having remote connectivity allows our support center to have the proper access to your network in the case of a network incident or outage. In most cases, incidents can be identified and resolved through remote diagnostics, reducing your overall downtime.

  • Specific Device Support
  • Incident Management

Remote troubleshooting for infrastructure that supports healthcare communications systems, including:

  • Servers
  • Network devices
  • RTLS tags
  • Point-to-point microwave links
  • Battery health (e.g., for RTLS and UPS)

*We also provide proactive monitoring for CenTrak RTLS tags and batteries.

Remote Smart provides the most secure and compliant remote support to our clients via our stringent remote access protocol.

Comprehensive remote monitoring solutions tailored to your needs

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