GSA Schedule 03FAC

Facilities Maintenance and Management
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Schedule 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management
SIN:  003 01 Smart Buildings Systems Integrator

Contract Number:  GS-21F-0129Y
Period:  July 3, 2012 through July 4, 2022

SIGNET is proud to be an approved US GSA Schedule Contractor.  As a Smart Buildings Systems Integrator, SIGNET offers Government Buyers a streamlined procurement device to acquire all of the services necessary to maintain and manage a facility through comprehensive integration of building systems and technology using a non-proprietary and open architecture. Typical building systems to be integrated include:  life safety, telecommunications, facilities management, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, lighting, building envelope, access control, power management, cabling infrastructure/wireless, VoIP, video distribution, video surveillance, data network, etc. Typical integration functions include, but are not limited to: requirements analysis, strategic systems planning, system configuration, implementation alternatives, integration planning, system component acquisition, system installation, component integration, testing and analysis, interaction with Building Operations Centers, collection/manipulation of smart building component data, configuration management and control, design-guide development, operational training and support, monitoring, reporting and managing of the systems, and systems maintenance.

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Gregory S Hussey

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