Boston Medical Center Case Study

Addressing a conference room’s A/V technology gaps


Key technology components within one of Boston Medical Center’s conference rooms had been recently updated but technology gaps were subsequently identified. SIGNET’s A/V experts were resourced to develop a solution that allowed the existing equipment to tie in with the new.


SIGNET evaluated the conference room and determined the appropriate technology approaches to create a turnkey A/V solution, including:

  • Utilizing an 86” Philips 4k display at the head of the table, and two 55” 4k displays on articulating arms added for rear room viewing
  • Replacing the projection system to provide the client a better ROI and improve image quality from all seating positions
  • Replacing button microphones with three Shure digital steerable units, improving coverage and audio quality
  • Utilizing a QSC pan/tilt/zoom camera and adding video conferencing to the room through a dedicated small form factor Dell PC in the rack
  • Adding a Crestron NVX network encoder/decoder unit under the table, the user is now capable of presenting 4K laptop images via HDMI at the table

SIGNET was able to utilize the existing speakers, amplifier, control system processor and room touch panel and worked closely with the client to assure they were comfortable with the touch-panel system control graphics.