Boston Medical Center Case Study

Providing audio solutions for eight operating rooms


SIGNET was tasked with designing and deploying an audio solution and digital displays for each of Boston Medical Center’s (BMC) newly renovated eight operating rooms.

One specific operating room also required the ability for the surgeon to view any video source from any side of the surgical table in addition to offering the ability to record procedures.


SIGNET experts thoroughly assessed BMC’s needs to develop appropriate solutions customized for their unique operating room needs. SIGNET’s A/V solutions included:

  • a refreshed video/digital recording solution with custom fading to accommodate the operating room requirements audio solution with a two-gang plate with connections for computer
  • system level control of phone audio
  • a small amplifier for source and system control
  • two ceiling speakers that can pivot within the ceiling enclosure
  • the replacement of an existing operating room wall and articulating arm pan/tilt/zoom cameras with new Vaddio units
  • a new video processing head end
  • two confidence monitors installed on a dual articulating display arm.

One particularly advanced feature engineered by SIGNET experts is a modular video matrix that provides signal routing of all video sources to all displays in the room, as well as to a new digital video recorder. The end users are able to plug in a USB stick into the recorder and record medical procedures. Once the recording is complete, the USB may be removed, filed, or transferred to another storage medium.