Boston Medical Center Case Study

Live streaming chapel services to immobile patients


Having the ability to stream chapel services to immobile patients is now a priority for premier hospitals. Boston Medical Center is no exception. They tapped SIGNET’s A/V expertise to design audio-visual solutions centered on the ability to stream the chapel’s broadcast material, as well as provide digital signage and audio technology solutions that would enable any staff member to operate the system with the push of a button.


Rising to the challenge, SIGNET designed a turnkey A/V solution featuring:

  • a 4k pan/tilt/zoom camera and one alter-located microphone with LED identifiers for audio
  • a wall-mounted seven-inch touch-panel configured to easily start chapel broadcasts and allow the user options to select from a pre-selected set of camera angles or make minor adjustments as needed
  • point of entry E switch and system control processor components incorporated into the system wall rack and connected to all components for control
  • a 32″ flat-mount commercial display connected to the house video distribution system via HDMI connection so that chapel services could be broadcast throughout the hospital
  • A streaming audio source player with local USB audio source input slot digital signage player and four ceiling-mounted speakers

When the chapel is not in use, the signage layer is able to provide content to the house video channel including the option of audio material from the audio player when desired.

For the live streaming needs, in addition to installing a camera, microphones and sound system in the chapel, SIGNET used an IP streaming device to integrate their existing video distribution infrastructure and incorporated digital signage for the content.

Patients, visitors and staff now have the option of being able to listen to religious services content being streamed throughout the facility.