Try to remember the first time you heard the term “huddle room,” referring to a small collaborative work space and an alternative to traditionally large conference rooms.

Odds are it wasn’t that long ago, but now you hear the term constantly. What factors led to the sudden and prolific emergence of huddle space demand?

Philip Loeper, AMX by Harman product marketing manager, recently laid out some factors contributing to the huddle space trend in a presentation, “AV for Anywhere.”

1.) Real estate costs $23.23 per square foot in the U.S., so every unused square foot of oversized conference room space is bleeding companies’ profits by exactly that much. Meanwhile, real estate is typically among the top expenses for a company which has led to an average drop of 60 square foot dedicated to each employee from 2000 to 2014. That’s a 27 percent decrease in space allocation per employee.

2.) Modern workers, particularly millennials, expect and demand access to anytime and anyplace collaboration.

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