Norwell, MA – (June 11, 2015) – SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc., the largest privately held systems integrator in New England, announced today its newly formed strategic partnership with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS).

“We are very excited to partner with SDS. The SDS Guardian indoor gunshot detection technology is a significant addition to not only SIGNET’s portfolio of security solutions but the entire Security industry. The Guardian system provides an answer to one of today’s largest security concerns and risk to human life by not only identifying live gunfire, but also providing dynamic location information to first responders,” says Andrew Pelletier, Sr. Project Manager of SIGNET.

Backed by the same technology developed by Raytheon and used by the US military, the SDS Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection system constantly monitors for gunshot fire and instantly sends confirmation when and where a shot has occurred. With SDS sensors installed in your school, mall, government or private building, this critical, time sensitive information can be immediately relayed to the building’s occupants, as well as emergency personnel outside, so that the proper steps can be taken to mitigate the immediate threat.

As an approved vendor under Massachusetts State Contract “FAC64 – Security, Surveillance, Monitoring and Access Control”, and “MHEC MC13-E05 – Fire, Security, Surveillance, Communications, Access Control Equipment”, immediate procurement vehicles are available to SIGNET’s clients to begin protecting their building occupants today.

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