Multi-Media Equipment and Services

Welcome to SIGNET’s homepage for Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (“MHEC”) Contract MC14-B11 Multi-Media Equipment and Services.  We have established this page to provide information about our pricing and to allow you to submit your requests electronically.

SIGNET has been an approved vendor for the MHEC since 2004.  We recognize the unique security, budgetary, and infrastructure challenges facing facilities today.  SIGNET offers MHEC members cost-efficient solutions to create the safe environment necessary to maintain the focus on learning.

As an approved vendor, SIGNET is able to provide multi-media equipment, supplies and services.

Contract Period:  December 1, 2014 through September 30, 2018 

 If you would like to request a quote, please contact our Contract Manager.

The MHEC was established to provide efficiencies and cost savings to institutions of higher education. With a recent change to MHEC’s bylaws, membership in MHEC is now open to public and private colleges and universities, not for profit charter, technical and vocational schools, municipalities, including elementary and secondary schools and not for profit educational organizations located in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island).  To learn more, please click here

Contract Manager

Gregory S Hussey

Gregory S Hussey

Vice President of Engineering

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