Security, Surveillance, Monitoring and Access Control

Welcome to SIGNET’s homepage for Massachusetts Statewide Contract FAC64 Security, Surveillance and Access Control Systems. We have established this page to provide information about our pricing and to allow you to submit your requests electronically.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Operational Services Division, has awarded SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc. a contract for FAC64.  As an approved vendor, SIGNET is able to provide equipment, systems, supplies, installation, design services, training, service and maintenance, and technical support for all equipment and related services. This includes, but is not limited to: the configuration and integration of security systems, cameras, access control systems, metal detectors and x-ray machines, ID systems and supplies, lobby turnstiles, vehicle access barriers, monitoring systems, command centers, racks, housings, security consoles, mounts, stand-alone computers, data storage, data transmission (both wired and wireless), and furniture when designed or purchased for use in a security application.

Click below links for FAC64 Statewide Contract details and pricing.

Contract Period: June 1, 2010 through May 31, 2019

Prompt Pay Discounts
2.5% when Payment Issue Date is within 10 Days
1.5% when Payment Issue Date is within 15 Days
1.0% when Payment Issue Date is within 20 Days

If you would like to request a quote, please contact our Contract Manager, Gregory S. Hussey.

Contract Manager

Gregory S Hussey

Gregory S Hussey

Vice President of Engineering


The OSD administers the procurement process by establishing Statewide Contracts for goods and services that ensure best value, provide customer satisfaction and support the socioeconomic and environmental goals of the Commonwealth, and by providing specific operational services. By providing these contracts, significant benefits such as shorter process/installation times, value and establishment of long-term partnerships are introduced.  To learn more, please click here www.commbuys.com

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