PROSPECT, IL — Streamlined patient-to-caregiver communications and enhanced workflow interoperability is now available through a new interface between the Rauland Responder® intelligent nurse communications solution and the Vocera Communications platform.

Linking Responder’s Direct Connect and ResponderSync® software with the Vocera platform allows patients to simply press a button from their hospital room and connect instantly with the right care team member’s hands-free Vocera® Badge or Vocera Collaboration Suite smartphone app, which enables secure text messaging, alerts and voice communication.

ResponderSync® integrates staff assignment information across multiple hospital systems to improve nursing team workflows and deliver a more complete and timely picture of staff and patient assignments. Previously, clinicians were required to sign into multiple systems independently to enter staff assignment information and make changes to assignments in each system separately.

Integrating ResponderSync® with the Vocera platform allows information to be shared seamlessly across multiple systems, promoting more efficient transition of critical patient care information between caregivers during shift changes and eliminating data entry redundancies. The integration is complemented by Responder 5’s Direct Connect SIP, which delivers improved and direct connectivity of nurse call information to the Vocera smartphone app or wearable badge without the need for third-party middleware.

“Patient care can involve many individuals from both inside and outside the facility, including the patient’s clinical specialists, nursing team and technicians who need to communicate with one another and locate each other when needed,” said Jennifer Holden, Rauland’s Vice President, Healthcare Product Strategy. “This integration with ResponderSync, Direct Connect and Vocera helps enhance patient care, improve overall communication, and deliver a more efficient team workflow.”

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